Imagine waking up one day and feeling like you have the stomach flu but it never goes away. Day after day you feel like you want to vomit 24/7 and in extreme pain. Well that is what happened to me. On top of having other illnesses that are autoimmune, I also have Gastroparesis. Super bowl Sunday of January 2012 I woke up in extreme pain and constant nausea. It took every test imaginable and I having an average of 15 doctors’ appointments a month before I finally got a diagnosis in August 2012. Gastroparesis is when your stomach is paralyzed and does not empty as it should. For most people you eat and drink and those foods are digested within a few hours. People with Gastroparesis are different. Those same foods cause extreme pain, nausea and bloating. Not only that, but the food can stay in our stomachs for days. For me, my stomach is only functioning at 21% which is a pretty severe delay. Western medicine posed intense side effects and are ineffective.


My life completely changed when I got diagnosed with GP. I found out that there are only certain foods that I can eat and that the things I love most like salad are no longer options for me. I really love food and I was in so much pain every day. I became very depressed. In December 2012 I was scheduled to go to UCSF for placement of a feeding tube because it was just too painful to eat. I never stopped eating though because I love food so much! I decided I HAD to do something or I would die from this illness. I brushed off my Turbo Fire DVD's and joined a challenge group on Facebook and I finished the entire program including the advanced segment. Not only did I lose weight but I was starting to feel better. I could tell every time I worked out that the food sitting in me would move through me faster. My GI doctor was so impressed that she put off the feeding tube placement. I was still in so much pain. That part wasn't changing but getting worse. That is when I decided to go to a naturopathic doctor. Since then, I have been on many supplements and weekly IV infusions and now my pain has decreased by 75%. I was so happy that I decided to start my own GP support group on Facebook so that I could share everything that was working with my fellow GPer's. You can find that group at "Fighting Gastroparesis with Health and Happiness (G)oodbye (P)udge."

My group originally started out as a weight loss group but over time it has evolved in to much more. Most GPer's are the opposite of me and they are starving and cannot gain weight. I have decided to bring fitness to those friends to try and teach them how to gain and maintain their weight. I am happy to say now that my group is for all GPer's no matter what your fitness and health goals may be. After finishing Turbo I decided to make contact with a Beachbody coach I had been following online. I loved seeing these coaches post on Facebook and I was thinking I'd like to do that too. So I called the coach and signed up. I bought my first challenge pack which came with a 30 day supply of Shakeology. After 3 days on Shakeology I noticed I had more energy and I didn't get bloated the same way I do with other foods. I kept on drinking it and kept feeling even better. I went back to the GI doc and now I only have to see her in 6 month intervals! I still go every week for my IV's but I now have quality of life and that is amazing! My goal is to get the word out about Shakeology to all GPer's. I believe it can help so many. I love Shakeology and it has been a life saver for me. Not only do I drink it every day but my family does too!

If you are interested, here's the Nutrtional Facts for Glucerna, Boost, Ensure, and Shakeology. Compare them for yourself. You'll see why Shakeology is different!
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